Friday, May 22, 2009


I sold some more. I wear what I make and I am a jewelry Nazi so...People always want to see what I am wearing next. I sold the Minty fresh Necklace and I also sold the B&W Links Necklace. I have 3 requests for the Endless Fruity Necklace and I have potential buyers for both turquoise necklaces as well as my leaf necklace. I made some more jewelry but it sold right away by a friend of my Mother's.

Well, I am hoping to get outta work early today so I can get started on my busy weekend. I just wish this weather would last thru the weekend or at least on Sunday. I really want to bring Marley to see my brother-in-laws band play and if it rains they have to take it in doors and it may be too loud for her and to closed for me. I always have a fear that a bar fight would break out and I be knocked over!!!

Well I really have nothing more to blab about. I am sure I could go on forever but I should just quit while I am ahead.

Have a great Weekend All!!!

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