Monday, May 18, 2009

Not really in the mood...

Well, my gold party was good. I made about $265.00 which is not much in comparison to what others have made but I don't care! It's free money right? AND the most important thing is that I got to see my friends and hang out.

Sunday, my hubby was cranky so it wasn't all that fun but I had my nephew over for a few hours and then my friend and is daughter came over for a bit so we had a nice little gathering.

All I really did Saturday was do lots of laundry and clean the house so my body was very achy. So much so that I barely ate on Sunday which probably is not good when you are preg like me!!! I got nothing else accomplished this weekend as far as jewelry goes andmost likely will not do much tonight either because after work I am shooting home and going to bed!! I didn't fall asleep last night until midnight and then at 2AM my daughter decides to wake me up screaming bloody murder because she was very gassy so my and the hubby was up with her until she got it all out but then of course she didnt't want to go back to sleep and we had to fight with her until about 3:30 and then finally got to sleep. Oh and I forgot to mention that she headbutted me in the nose twice and got busted my hubby's lip! I don't know what to do with her and this new head-Butting thing!! Anyone got any suggestions??

Hopefull tomorrow I will get more yran and beads and create some more piece and I really gotta fix up my shop and put the new items on there.
Oh Well!! i hope everyone else's weekend was good!!

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The Knitwit Hues said...

WHOA! That was one helluva haul at the gold party! If you were disappointed and others sold more, I just can't imagine how they did! I would fall over and be stunned for DAZE to earn that much!

Yes, you're totally right that ya just gotta be in the mood to create ... and when you're not feeling well and are sleep deprived, the creative juices just WILL NOT flow.

RE the head-butting thing, my sister did that when she was little (from Marley's age to about 4 or 5, I think), and it was horrible. Amazing how hard those little one's heads really are and the damage they can do. Sister's problem turned out to be liquid accummulating in her ears, and this caused a constant LOUD sound of crashing waves inside her head. The poor thing bashed her head on the crib, rocking on all fours and slamming the top of her head into the headboard; and parents padded it like you wouldn't believe as they feared she'd give herself brain damage. When she got old enough to talk, about the first thing she was was "WHAT?" and it became quickly apparent that she couldn't hear!!!! She had repeated tubes put in her ear canals to drain this fluid (fortunately they now dissolve and don't need surgical removal like she had to have), and the noises stopped for her (she told Mother "the noise has stopped!!" to which Ma nearly fainted), and she could hear!

Is Marley hitting things aside from you? Sister started hitting other things with her head and then just naturally "lead with it" when frustrated -- bashing all our noses, lips, chins, etc. If Marley's doing this, maybe you should take her to an Ear Doc to see....

Luv ya!