Thursday, May 21, 2009

Early Bird

So I got up early this morning because my daughter (day 2 in the crib!) woke up at 5AM and just wanted her soothie (pacifier) and I thought my hubby said it was 12AM so I am all annoyed because I was now wide awake and didn't know what I was going to do for the next few hours while I had to be up at 6AM to get ready for work. After awhile I realized the sun was coming out so I checked the clock to find that it was in fact 5AM!! that was sorta exciting because I really didn't want to roll around in bed for a few hours! ANYWAY!! I got to put up three more pieces! I have a lot of stuff made it's just a matter of getting them photographed and listed so I at least accomplished a little something!

I took Diane's advice and got another crochet hook to see the difference and I like what I am seeing. I made a thicker crochet necklace and I am still attempting to add a flower to it but am having little trouble but I m determined to get it!! I also made another crochet necklace and added a bead just to see what it would look like and it came out OK I was not too keen on it but at least I am trying new things and getting new ideas. I also thought of another style I want to try so hopefully I can make it to a yarn store and buy some thin yarn to get started. I have a very busy weekend so I will see what can be done.

Tonight I have to go to the Orthodontist and then get a hair cut (good thing they areright next door to each other) Friday I am getting a manicure after work then I am free to do whatever (maybe I will get my hubby to take me then??), Saturday, I have to go to the 3 hour glucose test then I am going to cutting for a Kause which is an event where people get their haircut and donate it to cancer patients and then later that night I have a baby shower, Sunday, I have to go to my Brother-in-Laws band play at a local outdoor bar/restaurant. I figured I can go because it's outside and I can be as preg as I want with Marley! I think Monday is available but my hubby has work so I would have to wait until he got home. I don't drive and I really don't want to but it does get annoying sometimes.


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