Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Well, I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend! I almost did, it was great until Sunday when we were on the beach and realized that Marley (our daughter) was not herself and it turned out she had a fever. It lasted until Tuesday morning! But she seems better now. She doesn't have any flu-like symptoms so I guess that's good news.

I didn't get around to making much jewelry but I did but lots of pendants, some vintage and some not. I just gotta go and buys more beads and toggles so I can make some fab stuff. I got a ton of new ideas now I just gotta find time.

I also got my 3 Hour Glucose test results back and of course it is normal. I knew it was just because I forgot to fast 2 hours before the first one. I took such care of myself with Marley but now with this one, I am not doing such a good job. I am too achy to work out and all I eat is junk! I am trying to eat better but since I don't have much to go I think the damage is already done. I am still going to eat my fruits & veggies and drink lots of water but...??? I love hot dogs!

Well, here is a necklace that I finished and it is on my top 3 faves!! It reminds me of the beach so....

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amandallynn said...

Hey Donna!

First I wanted to say thanks for following my blog. Congrats for starting out on etsy too! Your necklaces are beautiful! I'm glad that Marley is feeling better.

Good luck with everything!