Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Wel not only is today a hectic day, it just had to start off badly, and here it goes:
-Woke up late did the mad dash to get ready
-Shirt Wrinkled, no time to iron
-Made the bus (Phew)
-someone crashed into the bus as it was picking up passengers
-had to wait for the next bus (which was crowded but I got a seat)
-Lots of traffic in the City
-Got to work a half hour late
-leaving work at 2 to take my daughter to the cardiologist (in Queens)
-have to come BACK to the city to go to the last day of classes (I thought it was next week)
-then go home

BUT in all of this I still have to write a grant proposal project for one class (which is 75% done but due next Tuesday) and I still have to write 8 more pages to my final paper on Developing An Archive. NOT TO MENTION that I somehow have to make it back to class tonight to do a presentation!

OH don't forget that I am over 7 months pregnant!!!

OH and I almost forgot! I took my glugose test on Monday just to find out that my sugar was high and now I have to go for the 3 hour Glucose Tolerance Testing on a Saturday monring!!

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The Knitwit Hues said...

Oh cripes, girl! I should've listened to my nagging feeling that something wasn't going well for you today. I do hope tomorrow is better, although those blasted 3-hour sugar tests are a drag. (At least it isn't 8 hours like they used to do!!)

I send you hugs, smiles and tons of encouragement!