Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hello Everyone!!!

I know I have been MIA for quite some time but with them babies and school and work...Well, you get the point. It has been crazy. I put a hold on my jewelry making and my vintage findings and obviously my Etsy shops. I need to focus all my energy (well, maybe not energy but focus....) on school. I wasn't happy with my performance with last semester because I put too much on my plate so now I think I will just focus on my last semester and just get it over with. I am taking 2 classes and then I will be done come May!

After that I will start slowly to re-introduce my shops. I have so much stuff that just need to be sold so I may have a sale in the meantime but that still requires me to set it all up with pics and details and mailing. As soon as I get this thing back on it's feet in a few months time I will pass the word around as I hope you will do the same for me as well!

I hope everyone is enjoying their crazy winters and wish for springtime fast!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Finally GOt Things DOne

I made a whole new batch of things this weekend. After we put the kiddies to sleep I got started. I made some bookmarks and only made 3 pairs of earrings in Which my sister took a pair! That's OK, she can be my walking billboard! PLUS, she always pays for things anyway so it only makes sense.

I have been super stressed lately so this was a nice relaxing moment. Of course when I am through it goes right back to crap! I am just so done with not having money. I work so hard for things so I am hoping that at least I get some satisfaction outta my Etsy shop. I don't sell things for much. I just cover my costs with a little bit more for profit. Anyways enough of all that go check out my shop! I will be posting more over the next weekend. I have more but yet to get to post them.

Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Some new ones!

Here are some new book marks that I recently made. The last one is based on a book "Thirteen Reasons Why". I am sorry the pics aren't great but as usual I took the pics in my extremely poor lighting living room and it didn't help that I took them at night! One day I will post my book marks on my Etsy site!

Friday, May 28, 2010


So I applied to take the state test to be a Law Library Clerk. I am getting my MILS probably this time next year. I have 3 more classes but because I was pregnant Twice I had to limited my classes. So it's been 5 years in a two year college thus far. Anyway, so I paid $30 buck to apply to the test not really knowing if I will be taking it or not or even when I will be taking it. I got the notice yesterday saying that I was accepted to take the test. WAHOO!!! Oh No! The test is next Saturday! Meaning, I had to search everywhere for a study guide. I finally found one but then realized (well I always knew) that I have no money to pay for it. So I begged my sister (of course) and she put it on her account and since she is a Prime customer at Amazon I got next day shipping for #$3.99. Now I can only hope that i have enough time to study or shall I say cram!??!

Even though I am a library student and this test is for a library CLERK I still felt that I should take it anyway just to get a bump ahead and also it pays $5,000 more than what I am getting now AND it all my benefits would go towards that because I will still be working for the state. Now let's hope i pass!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Bookmarks!!!

I took these pics with my iPhone but I was too excited to wait to get better pics but you get the idea.

The first bookmark I created for a fellow goodreader. She told me she liked green and silver and loved Hawaii so this is what I came up with. Let's hope she likes it too.

The second pic is of another book club that I am in and we all get randomly paired with another member and we had to create a bookmark based on our personal YA (Young Adult) favorite. I wanted to keep it more up to date and thought of the last YA I read and really enjoyed AND thought of which pieces were easier to put into a bookmark so I came up with Rick Riordan's The Lightning Thief.

And the last picture is just to show you how they work.

I hope you guys enjoy them!!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

When I am done....

Oh but isn't this me??? I am glad to say that this semester is almost at a close. I have 4 more classes (including tonight's class) for Wednesdays and as for my internship class it ends on May 17th (which we only meet 2 more times before then) and that means I will no longer have the internship too! But I can't get too exciting just yet because I start summer classes at the end of June. It is only 5 weeks of class but the class has to double up so instead of the normal once a week class it will be twice a week! Oh well I will have most of June off and most of August and then I begin my last 2 classes before I can get my MLS (Masters in Library Science) with one being my thesis.
But when I am done I wish I could just go somewhere or do something even for one night but we have our kiddies. I am hoping that me and my sisters (and Mom of course) could go to Atlantic City again. We did when I first had Marley and my sister had Kenny (they are 1 month apart) and we had a lot of fun but I think my hubby is afraid to stay home alone with them for so long. He is not afraid of them at all he can do it, but it is just hard to do it alone and for 2-3 days! He would be a bald man when I get back LOL.
But I figured that when I graduate in December I will also be turning 30 in October. Maybe everyone will cut me some slack and let me go somewhere for the weekend (a nice spa perhaps???) Whatever it may be I just wanna relax for a day or two without any stress but I am sure I will complain the whole time saying that I miss my girls :'( It happens every time!