Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Well, I did it! I made my first sale! I put up some stuff last night, finally, and it paid off. As soon as I did I announced it on Myspace and Facebook and someone brought the Endless Fruit Links necklace! I went to school with her but haven't seen her in some odd years but it is a nice feeling to get my stuff out there. I sold a lot of stuff out of Etsy as well as I may have mentioned before.

I also got some new yarn so I will work on making more stuff. I really got to get to the Bead Shop because I need some more supplies! I am out of school until the end of Agust so I will have time, well at least until the new baby comes (Vinni? Wheylin?)

Oh well!! Diane, I hope you saw that necklace I sent you! It was beautfil but it was way too much $$ for me! I can sneak a few things here and there but that was just a little out of my budget and the funny thing is, is that my hubyy said "Oh, you should buy it anyway" Yeah right!!! He always says that but I feel too guilty. I just always think, I could buy more for that price!!!!

Here is the 2 new items I made that are not crochet!

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The Knitwit Hues said...

BRAVO, girl! And I'm not surprised ... Endless Fruits was my personal fave! :P That's nice you hooked up with an old friend; maybe now you'll get and stay back in touch.

Yes, I did see that necklace you sent and I laughed 'cause I had been gonna send you a link to something VERY similar but didn't cause the price was WAY outta our price range! LOL Next time I'll send it anyhow 'cause it's always fun to look even if we can have, right?!? :P

Ha! Bobby's the same way -- will say "go ahead and get it!" when I want something I think is outta the question. Then, though, when I go wild buying stuff I think is NOT outta range, he hasta tell me, "uh, d'ya think you're lettin' your obsession go a little wild?" Bwahaha! Guess we all need the voice of reason now and again, eh? :P

Those necklaces are GORGEOUS! D'ya buy the beads/stones just like that? You must have a good outlet for 'em near you!