Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Attempts Count?!?!?

Well, I attempted to make a necklace last night but as I was doing so my husband was huffing and puffing everything he had to grab the baby away. It was his idea. He told me :why don't you make some jewelry?" but as soon as I was surrounded in bead-maddness he gets all worked up. So the piece I started to created is 90% done. I just got to add one more embellishment to it. I attempted (yet again) to add it on there before I stopped, becuase I hate to leave things undone, but I had my husband cut the chain but he so too high and then I had to fix it and I was just getting annoyed (at him) so it all stopped.

I have class tomnight and then tomorrow I have to work but leave early to bring my daughter to the infamous docrot's and then come all the way back and go to my other class. normally I would just pass the class off but it is the second last class and I don't know what he wants from us then so...???

I hope all is well and I hope that my shop takes off soon but I will be able to put a little bit more effort into it when school is finished, at least until the new baby comes.


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