Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I made a few pieces last night and finally was able to get some pics up and t hey are ready and for sale on my Etsy site!

My hubby gave me an hour or two to get things together so...?? I also attempted yet another stab at crocheting and to tell ya, it's not so therapeutic just yet! I just got the single chain stitch down and then my Mother decided to show me how to go back and make them thicker!! WOW, not so much fun yet but i m not going to give up just yet! I have determination as I do with everything LOL

I hope that my jewelry is pleasing1 It is hard to sell on Etsy when it never gets to really make it there in the first place. I show people what I made and then I get requests so there may not be a lot of stuff on the site but trust me when I say that I keep myself busy. I do have a lot of happy customers and I will always strive to keep it that way. It is still not enough to support my family, not that I expect to, I just want enough to support my jewelry addiction LOL

Enjoy everyone and please feel Free to contact me with whatever questions you may have!! I also take suggestions too!

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