Monday, May 11, 2009

Currently I am...

Well, I did a lot of cleaning and did 3 loads of laundry yesterday...Mother's Day... I was just so tired of looking at it. I don't know why my husbands wait for me to do it??? Oh well it's done now! I hope everyone else enjoyed their special day!

We brought my daughter to the doctor's for her 12 month check up and she has a heart murmur so now we have to bring her to a cardiologist. I heard it was very common but it is very scary too!! I only want health and safety for my child(ren). We are going on Wednesday so I will let you know hoe it went. I am trying not to get all worked up about it. I will deal with whatever comes my way!

So I am getting good at the chain stitch with crocheting. That is pretty much what I really wanna do. I wanna make endless links and make it into a fab necklace. I will take a pic of my current link chain and show it off and I would love some feedback! I am also going to attempt to knit even though 2 needles are intimidating...I figured I will give it a hot in a few weeks when classes are over.

I am also hoping to get to the bead shop so I can create more pieces because this weekend I am hosting a Gold Party ( and I thought it would be a great way to show my friends and family some of my work and also hand out some cards so they can pass the word! If they buy that would be even better.

Oh well, I hope everyone is doing great!

P.S. Diane, I think you should get a webcam and teach me how to knit LOL

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The Knitwit Hues said...

Blimey, girl! Just noticed this post after the one from today! I will keep y'all on the "special support and prayers" list specifically RE Marley's heart murmur. I think they're right that it's quite common, but I'd be nervous about it too and only want health and happiness for my child!

Crocheting and knitting relieve stress, but I can't figure where you're finding the time at all! Ha! Yes, a webcam to teach ya would work alright ... but I'd miss the fun of being with you and blabbing and laughing all the while!

Hugs and smiles!