Monday, June 29, 2009

Scheduled for Wednesday!

I am not going to write long but I just wanted to keep everyone up to date. My BP was been going up and down for over a week now and I have been going back and forth to the hospital and to my doctor's office. When I had Marley, I had an emergency C-section 5 weeks early because of the same thing, high BP but then my placenta abrupted so...My doctor wants to take the baby at 36 weeks (which is 4 weeks early) He doesn't want to risk anything so I have been on strict bed rest for over a week and my brother just let me use his laptop so YAY!! It seems that every time I walk, stand or even sit upright my BP goes up but if I am laying down (especially on my left) then my BP is normal and I can stay home instead of going to the hospital.

SOOOOO My doc has scheduled my c-section for this Wednesday July 1st! Which means I will be back home either Friday *crossing fingers* or Saturday (which is July 4th) but I no longer care. This pregnancy has been very uncomfortable and I just want whats best for the both of us! I got another Sonogram and still can't tell the sex! I don't care I just want s/he to be healthy!

Well, wish me luck! I am nervous as all heck! I had such a bad experience the first time around and it took me so long to heal that I am freaking out a little but my theory is...Is will go away (the pain that is!)

Happy Fourth!!!

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Hope everything went well.