Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hello Everyone!!

Well, the c-section was a success and Vinni Francis was born on July 1st at 2:08 PM She was 6lbs 12oz and 20 inches long. Marley Lynn was born at 4lbs 12oz and 17 inches long and the only difference was 1 week!. Marley was born 5 weeks early and Vinni 4 weeks early.

It was a crazy day. I finally got scheduled and then I get there and 11am rolls around and they didn't want to do the section because of my BP it started to go normal and they felt that I should not go through with it for another week unless I did and amnio that proved that the lungs were mature. So as I was going to do it (in which I really did not want to do) my OBGYN walk sin and says that we are going to go and do it because they were high readings of my BP (153/114 to be exact).

Anyways it was a mess but it was done and Vinni was very much healthy. So healthy that I left the hospital in 2 days!!!

I hate c-sections and I am not really sure I ever want to do it again. I love being pregnant and I would love to have at least one more but I have such a hard time healing that I just don't know if my body can take it one more time. My BP is still high and now I have to see my regular doctor once a week. So I am stuck in the house because not only can't I really bring Vinni out yet but Whenever I really move about my BP sky-rockets! Oh well, I should be better shortly! I would love to enjoy the rest of the summer. I was on bedrest for a week before the delivery.

Now Marley is sick and I have to keep them seperated so my cousin is helping by keeping Marley in a different room so that Vinni doesn't get sick....The fun never ends ;-)

Anyway all is good and I thank everyone for their concerns and warm wishes! I will try to keep this updated as much as possible.

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