Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Well, I am attempting to get into the Etsy community more so I lowered some of the prices of some items for the YART Sale and I am also giving FREE S&H for all orders over $25! I hope this brings in more sales but I am worried because I have yet to put up more items that I made. I have them but as I said in an earlier Post that I cannot find my camera. I am just going to take some pics from the iphone I guess. But it will have to wait until I get back from work.

Yesterday I took the day off. As you already know I was sick so I spent the day just relaxing until I had to go to my Prenatal visit. My doctor wants me to wait until 39 weeks to schedule a c-section I told him he was NUTS!! I am hurting all over and the sooner the better so long as we both come out healthy!

I got my wonderful earrings from Buck N' Ear and I love them more!! I out them on right away. I am one to never change my earrings but these were just too perfect!

My doc also said that it "looks" like a girl still so...??? I really want to order these great Little onesies but I am not going to do anything until it's out of me! You can find these and other great stuff from

I brought Marley a Big Sis shirt and hair clip and just got Vinni/Wheylin a White PJ with a starfish embroidered on it. Of course I got them all from Etsians!

Well I hope everyone is feeling good. I am still not all there but I am slowly coming to!

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The Knitwit Hues said...

I just sent you a Look At This Find email. :)

So, did the Doc stick with his timeline or did you convince him that sooner would be better?

Keep feeling better!

Bwahahaha! Forgot that I'm gonna write you too about a 2nd shop. I, too, have one all set to go but with nothing in it. :P Yes, I think it's a great idea!