Thursday, June 4, 2009

Just a Little Note

Well, there is not much to report today but I got my bag from Majkatree and it is bigger than expected (she gave me measurements but I am retarded when it comes to that LOL) but who cares?? I am an avid reader who carries a lot of books with me! I am also a student and I just started to crochet so maybe this IS the perfect bag for me! It is beautiful tho!!! I will take a pic and show pass it 'round. It was a custom order so...??

I also wanted to share my friends Etsy site. I think I own almost all of her stuff. She makes things locally in our neighborhood so it is very nostalgic to me. This is one of her awesome shirts!

She also makes these great bags to that are recycled from seat belts. Everything she creates is eco-friendly! She also just started to make these cool cork coasters.

I ordered them in red or purple. I couldn't decide so I am making her do the decision making. I have yet to receive them but I have no doubt in my mind....

As far as my pregnancy goes...I really think I am running out of room here! I don't remember my first pregnancy being so, so..?? Marley was easy (well, except for the end when I had an emergency c-section 5 weeks early!) I hope at least the delivery and healing process go better than Marley. We have also decided on names!! Vinni Francis for A GIRL and Wheylin (Thomas? Bobby?) if it's a boy. The Ultrasound and the 3D both said girl but it was leaning towards girl NOT completely saying that it was...OH WELL as long as it's healthy we will be happy.

Talk to you guys soon!!!!

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