Thursday, June 18, 2009

Going Vintage

So I had the House to myself last night but I was in too much pain to do anything so I rested! I am not ashamed! There is so much to do but I need to rest. Anyway I have some vintage jewelry that I have to put up here is a pair of earrings. But I can't find my camera still so this is a shot from my iPhone.

I have other jewelry but I have yet to get a good shot of them. I wanted to go to some garage sales but this weather is just too much. Well, as some Jewish people have told me "if it rains on Shavous (sp?) then it will rain the whole summer" and it has and I am done with it!! KI just moved closer to the beach to not even enjoy it. I just hope the weather gets better when Vinni is here so I can go for nice walks.

Well, not much else to report (I am sure I can think of a million things to ramble on about but...?)

Congrats again Jude on Wynnie!!! you have to send me the details!!!

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