Friday, June 12, 2009

Bounin' Baby

WOW! there are so many cool things for babies these days! Aren't I Lucky? Well, broke & lucky! I found these bookends and I love them sooooooo much!!! You can find these at She has a lot of great stuff I just really REALLY want these!
So remember when I mentioned a few days ago that I wanted a new diaper stacker for the babies? Well I found this one women who did a double one for me and I think it is perfect!! I could not believe that she did this. I don't want to show it yes until she gives the OK. I love it though and I love all the items in her shop. You can check her shop out at She is also super sweet too.
Pregnancy news??? Well my back i absolutely killing me and I cannot get comfortable anymore. I have always had a bad back and it didn't bother me when I was pregnant with Marley but now....Phew I can't wait til it's over. Also, I don't know of how many people are pregnant out there who read this but I have strange dreams!! I dreamed the other night that I had a boy and he was 8lbs 9oz and 19 inches. His name was Wheylin Matthew (we never even considered Matthew as a middle name but we like it!) There were other strange things then too but that was very clear. Last night I had a dream that we kept forgetting Vinni. She would sleep all the time and we would just forget her...It is all weird but I am just hoping for the best.
Have a great and NON-rainy weekend everyone and Congrats Jude on Wynnie!!! Send more details when you are feeling up to it!

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