Tuesday, November 3, 2009


There needs to be a point in my life where I get to stop for 30 seconds!! I am constantly running around. I like it and I hate it at the same time. I like to keep busy but it would also be nice just to stop and"smell the flowers". Ahhh well!

Anyways Vinni went to the doctors for her 4 month check up and she is 16.9 lbs! The last we checked Marley she was 19lbs and I don't think she gained much since then. She is going for her check-up on the `16th so we will see then. They wear the same size diapers! Marley is in 12m clothing still and Vinni is in 6m. I am trying to get hand-me-downs from all my friends! I hate to go out and buy new clothing since they grow so quickly but if they start to share clothing (which will be in no time) then I would have to go shopping because I only have enough clothes for one kid!

On another note. I have sold a few more things on Etsy and the feedback I get say that the pics don't do them justice! It's good and bad feedback. Of course it's good because they like it better than they expected and we all know that feeling! But it's also bad because it means I can probably sell more if my pics were more intriguing. I will get to it soon enough now that I got the new camera (the dual screen AKA Ashton Kutcher camera). I gotta update my shop soon! I will get on it once school is over -I think 5-6 weeks???

Hope all is well and I miss you guys!!!!

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The Knitwit Hues said...

Hey, girl! Glad to see you back here. I know you're overworked and sometimes worry 'bout you. I think you thrive on it, though, like some do. I personally never did (lazee bum me?)

Glad to hear you got some sales. I've had nothing for a while. That list I wrote you about hasn't done anything for me 'cept make some friends that might remember me sometime later when they need something. I think you might do well there but maybe you'd rather wait till you get the shop reworked and fully stocked again.

Smiles 'n waves to ya! :D