Monday, November 9, 2009

Lazy Kinda Weekend

Okay I'll admit it...I did nothing this weekend! it was nice whattya expect? ON Friday me and the hubby relaxed and had some drinks at home. Saturday I had the kiddies all day by myself and it's getting better. Vinni is not as much as a crybaby as she was before. She is getting used to the outside world. Saturday night I went out to eat with my sister, Colleen and my Mother and we laughed a lot then came back to my house for after dinner drinks and my brother, Kenny came down to join in on the laughter and then Sunday we went shopping and then dinner at my other sister's house, Christine. So I did not get and Etsy-ing done. but I had a nice full week of laziness and laughter.

Wednesday I have off and I plan on catching up with the laundry and such. Maybe if time permits I will at least make some jewelry but it's hard since I am obsessed with reading LOL. I figure there is always time for something! If there is space I will fill it!

This coming weekend is supposed to be fun. Friday we are going to a museum where I used to work to hang out with some old friends and Saturday my hubby is taking off and I am going to get my color done (FINALLY!!!!) and after that who knows! I am hoping the weather stays like this just a while longer...

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!!

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The Knitwit Hues said...

EXCELLENT to take (make?) time to relax! Much better than working at Etsy stuff or anything else! Glad the coming weekend's to be fun too. You've enough going alla time that you NEED do-nothing-productive time! :D

PS - Love the reading in bed pic! LOL