Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring has Arrived!!!

I didn't take this picture but isn't it beautiful??? I am oh so excited that the nice weather is arriving, slowly, but it has arrived! Now I can take the kiddies out more often and get more exercise. I am so over getting all bundled and it's hard and very stressful trying to pack the kiddies to go out and I am always so worried about them getting sick. Spring is just beautiful, just look at the pic! It is nice and comfy and then you know what comes after that?? SUMMER and since I live on the beach Summer is very important. I am hoping that Vinni is walking by then so we can delete the stroller and just run the boards (boardwalk). Having a double stroller is easy but yet bulky.

Speaking of Vinni walking, she does not seem to want to crawl. She starts to and then tries to get on her feet. I swear she is going to walk before she crawls. Marley starting walking when she was a little over 10 months! I think Vinni will be the same. She just turned 9 months yesterday so one more month to see for sure. Marley's birthday is in 12 days! She will be two and then time for the whole Potty Training ordeal (What Fun!).

Anyways Spring is here and let's do lunch!!!!


The Knitwit Hues said...

Oh! Such a beautiful pic! And they say that walking in sand is the BEST walking for your body -- makes your body fit and very healthy while making the most important muscles strong. If Vinni is walking by summer, get her into the sand as well as on the boards. :D

Yeah, I've heard of other KIDDIES who didn't like to crawl -- much too anxious to walk, and they did. Didn't impair 'em any -- crawling is muscle training for walking, but if the baby doesn't need it, I guess they just naturally know they are ready to stand upright instead!

Donna said...

Funny thing! SHe is now crawling! Good and Bad. Now she follows me crying because she doesn't want me to walk away. It's cute but frustrating because I can't leave her for 2 seconds!