Wednesday, April 7, 2010


It was so not easy trying to get all the kiddies together! We thought my nephew Kenny would be the only cooperative one but he was the first to make a run for it and the Vinni got cranky and we all thought for sure that Marley was gonna be the first to hit the ground running but it turns out she was the best one of them all. Kenny ran, Vinni cried, and Marley was all smiles. Who would have thought?
Easter was fun and of course they were spoiled. I didn't get them anything because they are 9 months and Marley will be 2 next week. They won't remember and I have too much crap in the house of theirs that I am trying to get rid of. Trey don't need any more. I am also not getting Marley anything for her birthday gift. She will have friends and family come over and will let her have a little piece of cake. That can be her gift. I will put the money that I would have spent on a gift and put it in her college fund! That's a gift! I just don't feel like I should waste the money on something hat she will like for 30 seconds and then I will never see it again or if I do it will be in a million tiny pieces! Love will be my gift!

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The Knitwit Hues said...

I agree 100% So many people have huge parties for 1st birthday, 2nd, etc., and the kids don't even understand what's going on! It's just for the parents, but they won't admit that. You've got the right idea -- worrying about their futures and what they will remember and what will matter later. Very wise, and you're always a good, loving mommy even though we bust your chops no end! :P