Friday, April 9, 2010

Laptop Love

Super excited that I finally got a laptop! Now I can do my Etsy all the time (well when I have the time) but this makes my life so much easier. My old computer is in the bedroom but since Vinni goes to sleep around 7PM and I get home at 6:30 I have little time to spend with them anyway so I can't use the computer then and on the weekends it is very hard because Marley wants to touch everything and at least with the laptop we got the TV or some toys to destract her.

My husband is a Craiglist fanatic and he is constantly on my cell phone checking it out so at least the laptop can give me back my phone! This laptop is super lightweight and I had to go to QVC to get it because they offered free S&H and also allowed me to pay it off with monthly installments becuase I can't just shell out $600 bucks!
My broter is a comuter freak and he suggested this laptop. I don't know much about Toshiba but he said it was good and I am thinking that so far I made a good choice. The best thing about this is that the CD/DVD drive is external which makes the notebook like a netbook so it's small and light and it comes with a nice little case. Maybe Iwill have to do a serch on Etsy and find a nicer one.
I realized yesterday too, that most of my gadgets are red. I didn't even know I liked red. I have a red digital camera, a red video camera, and now a red laptop, who knew? It's like this past winter, I got everything purple and I didn't even think that purple was cool. I got a purple jacket (which is awesome) and a purple bag and a purple cell phone case. Talk about matching! AND my favorite color is Orange. Oh well, now I am rambling..... See you all on Etsy!!!!


The Knitwit Hues said...

Hahaha! Stuck on red things now and purple before that, eh? Isn't it funny how we can suddenly notice that we've been favoring one color and not knowing? I always wonder if it means something like a dream message or aura or something.

SO glad you got the laptop! YAY! I hope it's working out well for ya!

As you can see, I'm playing catch-up but am WAY behind with everything since the shakeup at Etsy and the other venues. Have spent hours and hours moving things, designing different shops and sites, helping friends do the same, etc. I'm downright pooped from it all and still haven't even touched the pile of things sitting here waiting to be listed. Nothing on Etsy is showing on search, so anything that moves there is from within the community and nothing from outside. Visits are slow and sales and almost non-existent. Thank God I'm not relying on that money for needs!

Did I show you my new website? I bought (actually you rent 'em) the domain! (Fancy me, eh? LOL) Check me out at

xoxo to you, and same to the KIDDIES! :D

Donna said...

You are a busy lasy!!!! You remind me of somebody......