Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Do You Tweet???

SO I have decided to have two separate Twitter accounts: One for personal (@Dfiggz) and one for Forever Creative (@4everCreative) I was thinking one for Eightbeerz but I think I am getting out of control.

The reason behind this is because I have so many tweets per day and it is hard to keep track and it is hard to read them all. SOOOO if I dedicate one just for Etsy then it would seem to make my life a little easier (maybe) or it can make things more difficult, we will just have to see.

But I have more stuff to put up on Eightybeerz but it is hard when you have such a crappy computer. I have Fios but on a 10 year old computer so it works just like dial-up! One day I will afford a laptop! I pay all this money for a computer that I rarely ever use. I think I would be able to put more stuff up on Etsy if I have a faster functioning computer! Oh well, I will just have to deal with it and hopefully I will make enough to at least put a nice down payment on one!


The Knitwit Hues said...

Yep, old 'puters do suck and make getting things done very frustrating. I got a great kick-ass 'puter a bit ago. Bought it online ( I've bought a LOT there and have always been very pleased. Same with the 'puter -- it's a reconditioned one but EXACTLY like new w/all the warranties, etc. and the current model that was in the retail stores when I got it. Less than $400 delivered! Was so happy I went back and got a mini too! Haven't checked the shops lately, but the mini is still the model for sale right now.

Forever Creative said...

Hmmmmm...?? I am going to look into that. I want to just get a laptop. I no longer want or need a desktop.