Thursday, September 10, 2009

Losing a lot of Stuff Lately!!!

OK, here goes...we just sold a double stroller that we had on Craigslist for $100 and guess what! My husband lost it!!!! he lost the $100 Bucks!!! We have next to nothing in the bank and that is why we are selling a lot of our stuff and here goes my husband losing it! AHHH It makes me sick just to think of it. and then on top of that I jumped outta the car to get a book at the library and my expensive Guess Denim Jacket must have fell out OR it could have fell out when I went to get out of the car to go home (which is only 5 very short blocks from the library). There was a bunch of teens sitting outside so they may have noticed it but I didn't know it was lost until the next morning when I went to go to work. I love that jacket and I also don't have a thin jacket or a everyday heavy sweater to wear before the winter and I also don't have much money to spare to buy a new one!!! BUT I am going to buy this one from the best seller on can find her at This will work with most outfits I am very excited!!!

Gosh, this drives me insane. I am hoping to sell my other (also expensive) single stroller. I got this one at my baby shower for Marley but we rarely ever used it. We always used the Snap N' Go (which we are also thinking of selling). I think we used it like 4-5 times?!? Anyway I just had to moan about it. When it was purchased it was $350 and we are trying to sell it for $125

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The Knitwit Hues said...

Oh girl!! I was so happy to see the pic of my/your moebius here (thank you so much for the plug!!) ... and then I read the post and feel SO badly for you!!! How did hubby lose the money? Dropped it? Robbed? Aye! How upsetting. And then to lose your jacket!!! I'm wondering if I've one 'round here that would fit you -- have tons of stuff and use little of it anymore.... The moebius is great, but it won't completely replace a jacket (arms exposed, etc.) I'll check thru what I've got and will let you know (jacket wise and such.) I just gained a TON of weight, so I've surely got almost-new things that are now too small for me. :P