Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I gotta say that my husband is obsessed with Craiglist and I gotta admit that it is pretty darn cool. I got rid of a double stroller and gave away a lot of free stuff such as an old TV, preemie clothes, some other baby items and formulas. Vinni switched so many times I had a lot of extra stuff and I would hate to charge someone for them when I didn't pay anything for them. We also brought a lot of stuff from them as well. We got an entertainment center, computer closet, and a lot of other crap too. A lot of people just want it out of the way, like us. Instead of tossing out of the street at least give an opportunity to someone who needs is to get their mitts on it!

It is also good for trying to find stuff as well. I have used it for advertisements for my sites.

I also like it for trying to find other things like Spanish lessons. It is just a thought. I think everyone should try it out at least once!

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The Knitwit Hues said...

I'd never looked at Craig's list before, and I've gotta go back now. Hafta see how you can advertise your sites there -- great idea! Didn't find anything local to me, but that's no surprise as we're so spread out here. Way cool and interesting to just wander 'round.