Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Finally GOt Things DOne

I made a whole new batch of things this weekend. After we put the kiddies to sleep I got started. I made some bookmarks and only made 3 pairs of earrings in Which my sister took a pair! That's OK, she can be my walking billboard! PLUS, she always pays for things anyway so it only makes sense.

I have been super stressed lately so this was a nice relaxing moment. Of course when I am through it goes right back to crap! I am just so done with not having money. I work so hard for things so I am hoping that at least I get some satisfaction outta my Etsy shop. I don't sell things for much. I just cover my costs with a little bit more for profit. Anyways enough of all that go check out my shop! I will be posting more over the next weekend. I have more but yet to get to post them.

Happy Shopping!

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