Thursday, October 15, 2009

Miss Me? I've Won 2 Books!!!

First I would like to say sorry for me not being around much. I know I used ti be on here like all the time, but hey, life it hectic! I miss you guys of course! My hubby ordered the new Dual Screen Samsung Camera for me for my B-day (10/25) so I should start to get more pics of my jewelry up!

OK, now for my great news. I am apart of cause I love my books and they always have these First-Reads book giveaways and, as usual, I entered a few and guess what? I've won 2 books from two different authors.


Well, I will try to be on here more often. You can always find me at Facebook! Hope everyone is doing well!!!


The Knitwit Hues said...

Yes! I did miss you here! Saw about you winning 2 books on Facebook and wondered why you said you were a dork to have won them. Way cool -- now you hafta give a critique to them?

Forever Creative said...

OK I love to read like you love to knit! read my latest post to answer your questions ;-)