Thursday, August 27, 2009


OK guys I am back! I have been out on maternity leave for 8 weeks and my time has run out. I think I am actually happy to return to work. I was kinda going stir-crazy. I am used to moving about. These kids keep me busy but I mean I am used to working and going to school and the like. While at home I was running around like crazy doing errands but I also was unable to leave the house without someones help because of the big double strollers. I have a bad back to begin with and once you pair that with a c-section, well....

I know life is going to be nuts come Tuesday because I then go back to school and the last time I left my husband for a night (I was back by midnight) I thought he was going to cry. It is hard to have a 16 month old and an infant but hey, it will all pay off sooner or later , right? My doctor told me that if I have another one he will kill me LOL he called me almost every night when I was pregnant at the end because of my high BP. He said he couldn't sleep at night and that is why we went early, so he could sleep. I later found out that he is expecting his first soon. He also said that he will take my uterus out! That of course was a joke! I went for my last visit on Monday and it will be weird not seeing that office for another year! They have become family :'(

Well, there is so much that I need to catch up on. There is only so much I could do on my iPhone! I never like to go on the computer when I am home. But being a new Mommy again is tough but def a great thing. Marley is great. She is running and attempting to talk and Vinni is fussy but I swear she smiles at me and neither of them sleep thru the night yet but Vinni is better at it than Marley! I am sure life will get better soon so long as we stick to the schedules!!

I so have not done anything on my time off. I made to jewelry. I brought some yarn but every attempt to make something just never worked out. Marley would constantly rip things apart and knock things over and she would put everything in her mouth. My hubby is going to try to set me up a place where I can work and not really be bothered. Plus the yarn necklaces don't really sell in the summer for obvious reasons so next month i will get re-started on making more.

Hope all is well on everyone else's side!!

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The Knitwit Hues said...

Welcome back!!! Cripes, I knew yarn necklaces weren't really a good summer item; but I've kept makin' 'em anyhow 'cause they're fun. That'll be good if your hubby makes a place for you to work without disruption.

So glad you're back ... have missed you!