Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Amazing Book Covers!

Many of you know that I am crazy for books! So as I am an avid reader as well as an avid Esty-rian (?) I found these amazing book covers. She sells these covers in a bunch of different sizes, from trade paperback to medium hardback and even mass markets. The bookmarks are attached making it super simple to hold your pages. It is also great for when you don't want anyone to know what you are reading! There are also this little pocket inside which is great for your library card, metrocard, another bookmark, or like me, I keep a small notepad inside for when I want to write down an awesome quote from the book or to simply just have on hand.

I contacted the seller and asked if she had any other type of fabric. She immediately sent me a large batch of images of the fabric she had. I picked out the ones I liked and later that night she send me the pictures of the final projects. First I was super shocked that she did it so quickly then when I approved it and sent payment. She sent me an email with the tracking in just minutes. We talked on Thursday, sent payment on Friday, received it on Monday. Talk about AWESOME! When I received it it was 10x's better than I originally thought. I just had to share because this is truly one of the most perfect transactions ever. Just like the other awesome shop! http://www.knitwithues.etsy.com/ She too is simply amazing! This seller may not make book covers but she does have bookmarks and things to keep you nice and toasty for when you are reading!

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The Knitwit Hues said...

Aw, cripes, hon! I'm only now finding this post ... now that the month is nearly over!!!

Thanks for the great rave about me and also for turning me on to the book cover girl's shop. LOVE those covers and hearted a couple and her shop. I still can't read (books) but will def get some of these for presents! Sister comes immediately to mind. :D

Have forgotten to ask how the babysitter is working out -- great, I hope!